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People move for various reasons, such as work, school, retirement, or even just to live in a better landscape. While moving to a new environment can be exciting, it can also be stressful especially with the amount of packing and rearranging needed. Whether you are moving to a nearby community or to another country, Norfolk Movers has your back. Call us today for inquiries and quotations.

Packing Tips - Norfolk Movers
Some homeowners would rather do the packing, rent a truck, and manage the transportation themselves, but major moves can be exhausting. Lots of planning and organizing need to happen, which can be overwhelming for many people. The great news is that there are many resources that can help you have a better experience with the moving process. If you are looking to hire our labor-only services, our employees will not arrive at your property until you are ready to load your stuff into the truck. For that reason, here are some efficient packing tips from our experienced professionals at Norfolk Movers VA.

Don’t Fold Clothes
This tip may sound counterproductive considering you are trying to cram all your things into a single moving truck. However, you would be shocked to see how much more space there is left when you don’t fold your clothes. If you are moving your wardrobe, you can keep your clothes hanging inside or neatly piled up. When you arrive, you will not need to re-fold rolled clothes or iron them again.

Pack Electronics Together
Packing fragile equipment and gadgets together makes it easier to prioritize boxes. We don’t recommend randomly stuffing everything into a box, but rather organizing them by type. If you decide to hire professionals to do the packing, you can rest assured our experienced employees at Movers Norfolk VA will pack your valuable items properly with bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes, packing tape, and more.

Declutter Your Home
Moving is a great opportunity to declutter your home of things you do not need, especially garments you are not planning to wear again. Start this process weeks before your scheduled move and pick out clothes that you can sell or donate. Aside from clothes, you can also declutter random items that do not add value to your life. We understand that it can be hard to let go of personal items, but decluttering gives you more room for the more important stuff.

Use Tie Garbage Bags
To keep your clothes dust-free and kept in one place, keep the garments in their hangers and use garbage bags to cover them. Pull up the trash bag over the base of the garments and tie its ends on the hanger or holder. When you arrive at your destination, you can simply unpack your clothes by removing the garbage bags.



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Label Everything

Make sure you keep similar things together and label them in case you need to find something in the middle of loading or transportation. We recommend using colors or code to label your boxes according to their place in the home. Movers Norfolk VA makes this job easier for you as our employees are experts in organizing and ensuring all boxes are labeled correctly.

Plastic Bags
Get extra plastic bags for filling up delicate items or preventing spills from your liquid items. One great tip that many professionals do is putting a plastic bag in between the cap and the opening of the container. Make sure the cap is screwed back tightly and place them upwards inside boxes.

Take Pictures Of Wires
If you are not naturally good at wirings and assembling electronics, you can save yourself time by taking pictures of your electronics’ current state. This image will serve as a reference for when you reconnect everything in your new home. You can do this trick for any other arrangement you want to replicate.

Put Furniture Parts in Bags
Losing small furniture pieces can largely affect its function. If you are planning to dismantle furniture before moving, make sure you have all the screws and parts in one bag. Label the bag and tape it to the furniture it belongs to.

Use the Tissue Roll Hack
For small things like jewelry, a tissue roll can serve as a soft storage place. Make sure there are no holes on the pack, put the roll back inside, and close the opening of the tissue roll bag. Our Norfolk Movers experts use this trick all the time.

Keep Paper Plates Between Dishes
Movers Norfolk VA makes use of paper plates to keep dishes safe during transportation. When packing breakable dishes, we put at least two paper plates in between two stacked plates. We do the same with glassware and chinaware.

Store Cosmetics Brushes In A Cup
Cosmetics brushes can get damaged during transportation when they are under pressure from other heavier stuff. Put your cosmetics brushes, bristles up, in a cup with a secure top that does not touch the brush. This keeps the shapes as they are, preventing any damage to your precious makeup brushes.

Keep A Toiletry Bag
Put used toiletries in one bag. There’s a chance that you will need certain things throughout the packing process and transportation, so make sure you keep regularly used toiletries and items in easily accessible places.

Keep a bag filled with essentials for your pets, as well. Put drinking water, plastic bags, food, snacks, and even toys to keep your pet company during the travel to your new home. Remember to visit your vet and ask for advice regarding taking your pet for a long drive or a flight.

Prepare For Dinner
When you arrive at your destination after hours of driving, make sure to arrange for lunch and dinner. Unpacking your things can wait until the next day if you have all your necessities with you. The most important thing, for now, is to make sure you have a meal ready at your new home. If possible, you can pack a sandwich or order takeout on the way.

Do you still need more moving tips? Call our experts at Norfolk Movers. We are glad to answer your inquiries. For free quotations and moving advice, talk with our professional Norfolk movers today.

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Moving to a different place with all of your items can be stressful. That is why it would be efficient to hire a professional mover. However, how much do movers cost in Norfolk VA? Hiring professional movers is an advantage to save time and this would ensure that the move is done professionally. The average cost for a Local Move in a 100 miles distance is $80 to $100 per hour. On the other hand, for a Long Distance move, $2,000 to $5,000 is the average cost for more than a 100 miles distance.

Budget is the biggest concern especially if you are moving to another place. With the items that you have from your apartment, you may wonder how much do movers cost for a 2 bedroom apartment Norfolk VA? There is no specific total cost for the move and this would depend on different factors. But in general, the average cost can range from $1,000 to $6,000 either in a long-distance or local move. It would be efficient to seek more information from other movers to be able to compare the estimated cost for the move.

Planning to move to another location can take time and is also overwhelming since you need to pack up everything. Hiring professional movers is convenient but the question is how much do Norfolk VA movers cost for a local move? Usually, the local movers would charge an hourly rate and a professional local mover may cost you around $90 and $120 per hour per individual mover. This would also depend on the number of movers that need to do the job. However, if you only require to hire a mover without the truck service, this could cost around $60 to $80 per hour.

Nowadays, as much as possible you would like to save money especially when you move out to a long-distance location. The average cost to hire professional movers can range from $1,500 to $10,000. This would also depend on factors such as the size of your home, the total amount of the items, distance, and method for the move. But what is the cheapest way to move a long-distance? Here are some effective ways:

Transferring to another state or across the country would need a long preparation which includes the budget that you would spend to move your belongings safe. The question is, how much do long distance movers cost in Norfolk VA? Unlike with the local movers, would cost per hour but for a long-distance move, there are factors to consider such as the following: