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Why choose Home Movers Norfolk?

Moving can be a hassle when you're doing it by yourself. That is where Home Movers Norfolk comes in and helps you out. We make your relocation easier and our primary concern, you can trust us as Residential Movers Norfolk offers various moving services to cater to your moving needs.

Local moving
Ranging for apartments, condos, and residential homes, we can deliver and at the same time move your valuables. We also do furniture arrangements, loading, and unpacking services.

Home moving
Nobody does it better when it comes to home moving. With having an extensive moving experience, people from Residential Movers Norfolk will make sure your possessions are safe throughout the moving and unpacking process.

In-home rearranging
In some cases, the misconception about movers is that they move stuff from house to house. That is entirely untrue, and Home Movers Norfolk can also provide house rearranging service. That's right! Our staff can come over to your house and help with the arrangement of your furniture. Just tell us where to move it, and we'll get right to it.

Long-distance moving
Relocating to another state or across the country can be problematic, and figuring out how to transfer valuables for point A to B.

Hiring a moving company isn't enough; you need someone quick and efficient to move valuables in long-distance transfers.

We offer our most popular service, which is our expedited service, from loading your items in the truck to unloading them directly to your home. There will be no need to wait for several days, and there's no need to worry about getting your items switched with other customers' possessions.

With Home Movers Norfolk, all of your items will be loaded into our portable boxes. When the items are transported to your new place, The nearest Residential Movers Norfolk will deliver and unpack your possessions in your new home.

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Bathtubs and Showers Philadelphia
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Moving boxes and packing supplies

Moving boxes and packing supplies

Moving boxes and packing supplies

  • Small boxes. Used for heavy objects, books, jars, records, and books, and more.

  • Medium box. For lighter items such as children's toys.

  • Large box. They are used for more oversized items like stuffed toys, pillows, and beddings.

  • Extra-large box. For clothing items, not for heavy objects.

  • Wardrobe boxes. To transport hanging clothes for easy removal.

Clear out junk

Our team is well-equipped to deal with unwanted boxes or items. We either dispose of or sell them. This will save you time in setting up with dumpster rentals. We also cater to furniture disposal to free up some space in your house. We can also clear out items from your unwanted garage sales and business clearings.

Have your valuables delivered hassle-free

Home Movers Norfolk doesn't just help with home relocations; we also offer delivery services.

If you've just bought more oversized items and can't seem to deliver them to your house, then we can help you with the delivery and pick up. We load them up, then return them to wherever you need to.

This is ideal for large household furniture. We provide premium service just as any normal pick-up service does, and it also saves you more time to have it delivered rather than transport it by yourself.

Dependable movers

Our staff have undergone background checks and are all full-time workers. They are trained in handling fragile items or items in general. They are used to loading and unloading of items efficiently. This will surely put your mind at ease once you hired Home Movers Norfolk.

To save yourself from all the hassle of transporting your possessions to your new home, contact Home Movers Norfolk.  

Bathtubs and Showers Philadelphia
Bathtubs and Showers Philadelphia

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